• Ramadan Mubarak
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Eid Prayer

Eid Prayer At Kamata Masjid, Tokyo

Alhamdulillah, we are glad to inform you that the hold month of fasting, Ramadan is nearing an end.  However, we are not yet sure which day the Eid will fall. Whether it is Friday or Saturady, In sha Allah, we will perform Eid prayer according to the following schedule. First Eid Prayer: 7 AM 2nd […]


Ramadan Schedule At Kamata Masjid, Tokyo

Ramadan Iftar Arrangement: We have arranged iftar meal at Kamata Iftar masjid on daily basis. All Muslim brothers/Sisters are welcome to participate at Iftar arrangement. IFTAR FUND We have made a team to collect Iftar Fund. Any Muslim brother & sister can share iftar meal expense. Iftar donation box is also available at the masjid […]


How To Prepare For Upcoming Ramadan

Ramadan is Mashallah coming soon. However, being Muslims in Japan or elsewhere, we have to ponder whether we are getting ready to welcome it. Is it not yet time for us all to revert to Allah and humbly start asking for His eternal forgiveness?  Just pause for a moment to think about the countless bounties […]